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Subject overview

Management is about working with and through others in an efficient and effective manner to achieve organisational goals. Business management investigates how organisations function in the world in which they operate – from hiring and training to strategy and decision making. International business looks at serving customers in international markets and the managerial skills necessary to survive and thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Our Programmes


BSc Business Management
BSc International Business with a language
BSc Business Information Technology  


MSc Management
MSc International Business
MSc Marketing
MSc Human Resource Management
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
PhD Management

Our Research

In the Management Subject Group, high quality research is being conducted in four broad themes:

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Marketing and international business.
  • The dynamics of organizations.
  • The management of people.

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Why study Management at Queen’s?

  • Innovative teaching methods and learning may include lectures, tutorials, seminars, case studies, computer/software demonstrations, non-book media (videos and podcasts), individual research, oral presentations, group projects, online discussion forums, and guest speakers
  • Depending on the programme, there may be the opportunity to complete a placement, internship or work based research project
  • Most of our postgraduate management degree pathways are either accredited or affiliated with a professional body


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Understanding business

Learn how organisations operate in today’s global marketplace and how the different functions of management (such as strategy and operations) link together


A management qualification opens many doors. Potential career opportunities include:

Human Resource Officer; Project Manager; Marketing Manager; Purchasing Manager; Operations Manager; Researcher; Business Analyst; Accountant; Consultant; Banker 

Graduate employers include:

Google; NI Civil Service; Marks & Spencer; Randox Laboratories; Tesco; Citigroup; PwC; Diageo; Moy Park; First Derivatives 

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