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Research OpportunitiesSupervisors
  • Financial and performance measurement aspects of the charity and public sectors.
Professor Ciaran Connolly
  • Applied research in labour economics and regional economics
  • Particularly in the areas of inequality, labour mobility, migration, and policy evaluation.
Dr Heather Dickey
  • Corporate finance
  • PensionsHousing equity
  • Household finance and health
Dr Declan French
  • Economic history
  • Broadly defined
Dr Chris Colvin
  • Healthcare management
  • Healthcare quality management and healthcare systems
Dr Sara Melo
  • Social policy evaluation
  • Disability and the labour market
  • Contingent employment
  • Education
  • Health behaviours
Professor Duncan McVicar
  • Circular economy
  • Supply chains
  • Logistics focused on best practices
  • Process improvement and modelling to create robust and resilient supply chains
Dr Jelena Vlajic
  • Operations and supply chain management, including supply chain relationship management, social capital, sustainable supply chain management, supplier development
  • Supply chain learning, knowledge management, supply chain finance
  • Production management
  • New product/process development and innovation
  • Platform and ecosystem
Professor Min ZHANG
  • Management accounting change, including associated accounting information systems change;
  • Accounting history and
  • Accounting in small/family business
Dr Martin Quinn
  • Financial History
  • Corporate Governance
  • Asset Pricing
Professor Gareth Campbell
  • SME internationalisation,
  • International strategy
  • Emerging market firms
  • Internationalisation of Chinese and African firms
  • Global working arrangements such as international assignments or international business travel
Kieran Conroy
  • Financial
  • Economic
  • Business history
Professor John D. Turner
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Financial Markets
  • Resource Economics and Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Commodity Markets and Finance
  • Financial Mathematics
Dr Tony Klein
  • Asset pricing
  • Trading strategies
  • Return
  • Volatility forecasting
Dr Jiadong Liu
  • Information technology and mental labour
  • Copyright
  • Information retrieval
Dr Julian Warner
  • Organizational change
  • Leadership
  • Complexity
  • Policing and the interaction of organizational processes with wider political processes
Dr Joanne Murphy
  • Accounting change (preference for public-sector organisations)
  • Public-sector accounting reforms
  • Management accounting and performance management in public and/or not-for-profit organisations
  • Management-control systems in outsourcing practices of public-sector organisations
Professor Mariannunziata Liguori
  • Game theory
  • Operations research
  • Industrial organization
Dr Subhadip Chakrabarti
  • Projects relating to aspects political economy 
Dr Alan de Bromhead
  • Consumer culture
  • Consumer vulnerability
  • Health
  • Wellbeing
  • Experiential consumption
Dr Hilary Downey
  • The digitization of historical documents and maps, and analyzing these data with cutting edge econometrics methods.
Dr Alan Fernihough
  • Environmental operations and supply chain management
Dr Stephanie Graham
  • History of economic thought particularly that relating to the themes of development, innovation, the role of knowledge, and the relationship between ethics and economics
Dr Renee Prendergast
  • Behavioural economics with a special interest in social learning
Dr Anthony Ziegelmeyer