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Administrative Staff

Please note: 
All room numbers are for the Biological Sciences Building unless otherwise stated.  When outside the University,
dial +44 (0)28 9097 followed by the extension number.

DKB = The David Keir Building
QML = The QUB Marine Laboratory

Administrative Staff Room Tel. Email
Ms Oonagh Bell 0G.006 5749
Ms Denise Caldwell 0G.005 5403
Ms Bernie Curran QML, 01.402 (028) 4272 8230
Ms Josefina Del Duca 0G.005 6514
Ms Mary Devlin 0G.005 5789
Ms Nichola Donnelly 13 Stranmillis Rd,
Mr Michael Hills 13 Stranmillis Rd,
Ms Sarah Hurson 0G.005 2417
Ms Jessica Kerr 0G.005 6184
Ms Orla Mathews Reception 5787
Ms Margaret-Rose Mervyn 0G.009 2279
Mr Peter Millar 0G.005 6796
Ms Holly Pepper 0G.005 2417
Ms Courtney Rush 0G.005 5787
Ms Andrea Smyth 0G.009 4778
Mr Stephen Todd 0G.005 6514
Ms Catriona Toner 0G.005 2441
Ms Pauline Walsh 0G.005 2335
Ms Joyce Watterson 0G.015 6516
Ms Eve Wilson 0G.005 2417