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The School of Biological Sciences

Ethics Information

School of Biological Sciences Animal Research Ethics Committee

Terms of Reference:

  • To consider and review research proposals, not governed by the Animal Scientific Procedures Act 1986, involving animals (vertebrates and cephalopods) as part of adherence to the University’s Regulations Governing the Use of Animals in Research.
  • This research could be conducted as part of a behavioural, welfare, environmental, or other biological sciences study, occurring within a range of settings such as a laboratory, farm, zoo, animal rescue centre, an owners home, or in a rural setting. This research does not involve regulated scientific procedures as defined by the Animal (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (and subsequent amendments).     
  • To feedback to researchers any issues of ethical concern emanating from proposed research.  
  • To seek assurances from researchers that they have in place and are complying with the necessary legislative requirements appropriate to their field of research.
  • To engage, when necessary in the development of University regulations, policies and processes governing the area of research involving animals.
  • To ensure the Animal and Ethical Review Body are informed of studies considered by the School AREC.