Ali Alameer I’m interested in supervising PhD students in the broad areas of machine learning/vision and their applications in the agriculture sector, e.g., animal health and welfare.
Christopher Allen Open to PhD applications from those having preferably a 1st class honours in microbiology, biochemistry, bioinformatics or a related discipline (or equivalent, including other research experience). I particularly value pre-doctoral research experience very highly, and I would encourage prospective PhD students to gain one or more year’s research experience in a research field commensurate with their interests before starting a PhD. Mature students are especially welcome.
Emma Allott Identifying mechanisms leading to improved prostate cancer outcomes in statin users
Gareth Arnott Open to PhD applications in the area of animal behaviour and welfare.
Simon Cameron - Functional profiling of human milk
- Application of ambient ionisation mass spectrometry to high-throughput screening
- Application of high-resolution mass spectrometry to metabolic profiling
- Functional profiling of host-microbiome interactions
Isabella Capellini (1) Evolution and ecology of diversity in parental care, placental morphology and reproductive strategies in mammals, amphibians and/or fish;
(2) The ecology of sleep in mammals;
(3) Global scale studies of the drivers of the invasion success - what 'makes' a successful invader;
(4) Or more broadly, projects on fundamental questions on the evolution of animal phenotypic diversity
Grace Carroll Interested in PhD applications in animal welfare, animal behaviour, anthrozoology and evolutionary psychology, particularly in the following areas:

- farm animal welfare, particularly pigs
- the development of animal welfare assessment methods
- human behaviour change for improving animal welfare
- the evolutionary psychology of pet keeping
- feline welfare e.g. indoor versus outdoor housing
Tancredi Caruso Open to PhD applications from those who are interested in experiments that test general ecological theory on soil organisms. Also open to Plant/Soil projects with a more applied focused.
Simone Cerroni PhD and Post-doc opportunities are constantly available. Please, get in touch with Dr Cerroni, if interested in conducting research on the topics mentioned above.
Ben Collins Open to PhD applications from those with at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in with an interest in the quantitative analysis proteins and protein complexes by mass spectrometry and/or host pathogen/microbe interactions.
Lisa Connolly I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
- Endocrine disruptors
- Toxicological analysis of endocrine disruptors
- In vitro bioassay development/analysis of chemicals
- Chemical food safety
- Investigating the effects of chemicals on mammalian and environmental health
Christopher Creevey Open to Ph.D. applications from those having at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in a biological or computational subject and with a strong interest in learning computational biology.
Postdoctoral research positions are available for candidates with a Ph.D. and experience in the analysis of biological data.
Keith Farnsworth Open to PhD applications from those having at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in a strongly mathematically based subject, who are interested in using information, cybernetic or network theory to advance our understanding of life as a phenomenon: please read my publications for clarification and inspiration.
Geoffrey Gobert I am open to PhD applications from individuals holding or expecting to hold at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in the fields of immunology, biochemistry or parasitology. A strategy for obtaining funding for a PhD is required. Applicants should be interested in helminthology or parasitology with a view to research pathogens of clinical and/or veterinary significance.
Irene Grant Open to PhD applications from those having at least a 2.1 BSc degree (or equivalent) in Microbiology, Food Microbiology or Microbial Biochemistry. Please refer to my publications for clarification and inspiration.
Brian Green Projects are available for enthusiastic new researchers to investigate:
- High resolution LC-MS/MS metabolite profiling of novel animal model of ageing and dementia
- Discovery of novel metabolomic biomarkers indicating risk of delirium or cognitive decline
- Food and plant bioactives with therapeutic actions in diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease
Gary Hardiman I am open to PhD applications from individuals holding or expecting to hold at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in the fields of computer science, bioinformatics, biochemistry, microbiology or marine biology. A strategy for obtaining funding for a PhD is required. Applicants should be interested in computational biology approaches, multi-omics data integration and systems and network biology.

Individuals interested in working with Prof Hardiman are welcome to contact him to discuss ideas and/or possible collaborations.
Sarah Helyar Project in the following areas: Population genetics, especially marine species, eDNA, field based genomics.
George Hutchinson Development and application of Experimental, Behavioural, and Valuation Methodologies in Economics in the following areas:

- Environmental and Ecological Economics and Management.

-Agricultural Economics and Food Marketing including Economics of Agri-Environment and Forestry Policy

-Energy Economics and Management

-Health Economics, Patient Preference, Public Health, Physical Activity and
Human Nutrition.

-Economics of Outdoor Recreation, Land Management, Waste Management and

-Economics of Air and Water Management and Economics of Climate Change.
Edel Hyland The genetic and/or epigenetic nature of anti-fungal drug tolerance in Candida glabrata.

Link to application below.
Domhnall Jennings 1. Play behaviour and the regulation of body condition
2. Maternal stress and offsrping survival
3. Play behaviour in relation to successful weaning
4. Contect learning in invertebrates
5. Aggressive behaviour and weapon damage
Anastasios Koidis Open to PhD applications from those having at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in a chemistry and food science based subject, who are interested in using multivariate statistical methods, fingerprint analysis and novel processing technologies when relevant to advance our understanding of the chemical and physical parameters of foods in relation to their structure, bioactivity and their authenticity via development of cutting edge analytical methods, please read my publications for clarification and inspiration.
Tilman Kuhn Projects in nutritional epidemiology and preventive nutrition from biomarker studies to intervention trials. Different topics on the role of diet in the prevention of chronic diseases possible, depending on personal interests and skills. MSc, MD, or PhD candidates very welcome, please get in touch for more details. Collaborations with European partners, particularly the Heidelberg Institute of Global Health in Heidelberg, Germany, are an option (
Christopher Law I am always interested to hear from potential PhD candidates with a good Honours degree in a molecular bioscience subject and who have an interest in membrane proteins, particularly those that function in transport processes and those that offer potential as drug targets for neglected tropical diseases.
Alberto Longo Environmental valuation
Agri-food economics
Energy economics
Health economics
Nicola Marks Epidemiology of helminth parasites and drug resistance
Tick borne and zoonotic diseases
Sensor technologies for the early diagnosis of animal disease
Sensor technologies and parasite infection
Aaron Maule Functional genomics tools for parasites
Parasite therapeutics and drug discovery
Parasite stem cell biology
Parasite neurobiology
Danielle McCarthy Dr McCarthy is open to PhD applications in the areas of
- nutrition and health
- nutrition quality in sustainable agriculture and food production
- nutrition and data informatics
- nutrition and citizen science, engagement and behaviour
John McGrath Biogeochemistry of microbial phosphorus and nitrogen cycling
Wastewater microbiology
Microbial genomics, metagenomics and transcriptomics
Soil microbiology
Environmental sustainability
Anaerobic digestion
Clostridium difficile
Geoff McMullan We have a range of opportunities to work with Clostridium difficile, and more widely in anaerobic microbiology, biotechnology and microbial proteomics.
Andrew Meharg arsenic, rice, plant nutrition, agronomic sustainability, inorganic contaminant residues in wildlife and agronomic food-chains
Mark Mooney Open to PhD applications from those having at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in a biological science or analytical chemistry related field, who are interested in development of techniques for more effective detection and monitoring of emerging chemical threats and endemic diseases affecting food safety and sustainable food production.
Eric Morgan Prediction, diagnosis and management of parasite infections in animals.
Niamh O'Connell Farm animal behaviour and welfare
Konstantin Panov Currently I am offering only self-funded PhD positions.
Daniel Pincheira-Donoso - Ecology
- Evolutionary biology
- Macroecology
- Climate change and conservation
Neil Reid Open to PhD applications from those with a minimum of 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in Conservation Biology, Ecology, Zoology or Environmental Science (or allied subjects) with an interest in policy-relevant evaluation of conservation strategies e.g. agri-environment schemes; conservation ecology especially in the tropics (rainforest biomes); applied ecology (particularly of farmland species or non-native biological invasions) or development of methods in biodiversity monitoring and surveillance (with an emerging interest in the use of Artificial Intelligence i.e. neural networks for camera trap or satellite image analysis (including Geographic Information Systems) or soundscape audio analysis).
Mark Robinson I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:

Host-parasite interactions
Helminth extracellular vesicles
Trematode infections of humans and animals
Masoud Shirali Projects in genomics, and other omics(epigenomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics) studies and utilizing data science approaches in animal breeding are available.
Julia Sigwart - systematics and phylogenetics
- taxonomy of marine invertebrates
- species concepts
Chen Situ I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
◦AMR - development of plant-based antimicrobial alternatives
◦Health and disease in humans and animals
◦Food safety, quality and nutrition
◦Rapid immunodiagnostic for chemical contaminants and biomarkers
Timofey Skvortsov Open to PhD applications in the following areas: Biology and genomics of bacteriophages and viruses of archaea; Metatranscriptomics of biofilms; Horizontal gene transfer in biofilms; Antimicrobial discovery; Discovery and engineering of biocatalysts.
Qiaozhu Su Dr Su is open to wide-ranging PhD applications from candidates with a basic science or clinical background. Her fields of interest include:
• Nutritional signalling, Energy metabolism, and metabolic disease
• Gut microbiota
• Pharmacology
Previous research experience is desirable.
Katerina Theodoridou Open to PhD applications from those having at least a 2.1 degree (or equivalent) in an animal science, animal production related field, and who are interested in identification of technologies and nutritional practices to improve the sustainability and productivity of ruminant production systems.
Lynn Vanhaecke Nutrimetabolomics: new MS-based technologies at the production line
Paul Williams Open to PhD applications in the field of biogeochemistry and global food security.