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PHOTO: Dr Chunfei Wu
Our research interests include energy/chemicals production from catalytic thermo-chemical conversion of biomass and municipal solid wastes, and multifunctional solid catalytic sorbent development for carbon capture and conversion. Dr Chunfei Wu
Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Office: DKB 0G.109 I Tel: +44 (0)28 9097 5573


Dr. Chunfei Wu is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast. He obtained his MSc degree in School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Nankai University in China in 2007, and PhD degree in Chemical and Energy Engineering at the University of Leeds in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Paul T. Williams. He had around four-year Research Fellow experience at the University of Leeds before starting his Lectureship position at the University of Hull in 2014. He has been involved as PIs and Co-Is of several projects funded by EU, EPSRC and Royal Society etc. He has published over 100 peer reviewed journal papers with an ‘h factor’ of 31 (Google Scholar) and over 2500 citations in the areas of catalytic thermo-chemical conversion of wastes. He is a Charted Scientist and a Member of Royal Society of Chemistry.


Biomass gasification and tar reduction

We are interested in thermal chemical conversion of biomass wastes into syngas which can be used for heat and power generation, hydrogen and liquid fuel production. However, the presence of tar compounds (heavy hydrocarbons) in syngas significantly delays the technology development. We work on both the development of non-catalytic high temperature tar conversion and novel catalytic conversion of tar compounds.

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Carbon nanotubes production from waste plastics

Waste plastics can be thermal chemical converted into syngas through gasification using catalyst to enhance syngas production. However, coke deposition on the surface of reacted catalyst can not be prohibited. We work on the control of carbon formation during plastic gasification to produce high value multi-wall carbon nanotubes by optimizing process conditions and developing cost-effective catalysts. The produced CNTs have been added as fillers for polymer production to enhance mechanical strength.

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Sorbent and catalyst development for carbon capture and conversion

We are interested in developing novel CaO- and MgO- based sorbents for carbon capture. Key challenges in this area include the understanding of mechanisms and the enhancement of the capacity and lifetime of carbon capture. We also work on the development of multifunctional catalysts to convert CO2 into valuable products such as methane, CO and low olefins.

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Recent Publications

Full list of publications can be found here.

  1. Xiaotong Liu, Boxiong Shen*, Zhentao Wu*, Christopher M. A. Parlett*, Zhenan Han, Adwek George, Peng Yuan, Dipesh Patel, Chunfei Wu*. Producing carbon nanotubes from thermochemical conversion of waste plastics using Ni/ceramic based catalyst. Chemical Engineering Science 2018 (in press).
  2. Hongman Sun, Christopher M. A. Parlett*, Mark A Isaacs, Xiaotong Liu, George Adwek, Jianqiao Wang, Boxiong Shen*, Jun Huang*, Chunfei Wu*. Development of Ca/KIT-6 adsorbents for high temperature CO2 capture. Fuel 2018 (in press).
  3. Hongman Sun, Chunfei Wu*, Boxiong Shen*, Xiao Zhang, Yu Zhang, Jun Huang*. Progress in the development and application of CaO-based adsorbents for CO2 capture – a review. Materials Today Sustainability 2018 (in press).
  4. Zhikun Zhang, Lina Liu*, Boxiong Shen*, Chunfei Wu*. Preparation, modification and development of Ni-based catalysts for catalytic reforming of tar produced from biomass gasification. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2018, 94: 1086-1109.
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  9. Jun Zou, Japhet Oladipo, Shilong Fu, Amal Al-Rahbi, Haiping Yang*, Chunfei Wu*, Ning Cai, Paul Williams, Hanping Chen. Hydrogen production from cellulose catalytic gasification on CeO2/Fe2O3 catalyst. Energy Conversion and Management 2018, 171: 241-248
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