School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

School Manager

  Tel. No. e-mail
Angela Donerty 4868


School Adminstrator 



Room Tel. No. e-mail
Muriel Orr

Overall supervision of the School Office, Management of Exams process, Accreditations, and Welcome Week

0G.005 5425


Clerical Staff

   Role Room Tel. No. e-mail
Colin Darrah Finance Officer 0G.415 5421
Thomas Madden Level 1 teaching and year head support, Exceptional Circumstances, Postdoc support, Exams, Timetabling (level 1), Travel, DHL, and Stationery 0G.005 4253
Heather McDonald Head of School secretary, Industrial collaborations support, and PRP 02.419 4881
Coby Moore All level support, Exceptional Circumstances, and Noticeboards, coursework submissions schedule 0G.005 5401
Karen Moore PhD and demonstrating support 0G.005 4215
Fiona Mulligan Level 2 & 3 teaching and year head support, Exams, Study abroad/Placements, Lockers, Visiting researchers, Qsis, Travel, and Student Evaluations 0G.005 4085
Ken Pringle Level 4 & PGT teaching and year head support, Timetabling, School Outreach, QUBAN, Travel and Curriculum review 0G.005 5418
Audrey Small Finance Officer 0G.416 4251


RSC Education co-ordinator

  Room Tel. No. e-mail
Declan McGeown 0G.005 6505