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The  Concept of Fairness in Law-Making

19 May 2017

A day of vibrant and scholarly discussion will be held in the brand new School of Law. The conference will examine whether there are unifying elements in the way the concept of fairness is deployed.

The conference aims to illustrate the diverse and unspecific role played by fairness in different branches of law. To take just a few examples, it features in human rights law (as in the right to a fair trial), in contract law (as in the prohibition on unfair terms), in tort law (where a duty of care may be imposed if it is fair to do so), in employment law (as in the right not to be unfairly dismissed), in commercial law (where unfair competition may be outlawed) and in family law (when deciding how to distribute the assets of a cohabiting couple who break up).

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You can fly direct to one of Belfast's two airports (BFS and BHD) from 41 European and International airports, with a daily direct link to the US from Newark (EWR) - BFS in just 6 hours. Both airports are serviced by excellent bus services directly into the city centre.

Dublin Airport is located 90 minutes away from Belfast with excellent rail and road access to Belfast. Dublin Airport is one of Europe's busiest airports, with more than 55 airlines flying to over 117 destinations worldwide including two Middle Eastern and 11 North American routes.

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For those with some time to extend their trips, Belfast is a dynamic and exciting city to visit and situated on the beautiful North Coast. Notable sites and tours include the Titanic Centre, the Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle and the black cab tours. Or for those with only an hour or two, the Botanic Gardens are located adjacent to the University and also contain the Ulster Museum – both of which are free entry.

For more information on Belfast and Northern Ireland, please visit the official Visit Belfast and Discover Northern Ireland websites.

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