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Both staff and students work to contribute to reducing the School’s carbon impact.

Recycling Points


throughout School building

Plastic bottles

throughout School building


books in good condition can be donated to an organization called Better World Books.  Boxes are available from Estates.

Further information can be found in the A-Z Guide to Waste and Recycling

Reducing waste

  • Academic staff are encouraged to add student resources to Queen's Online rather than hand out photocopies. 
  • The School actively promotes the use of re-useable cups instead of disposable cups.
  • Tap water is made available for meetings rather than bottled water.
  • When ordering catering from internal or external suppliers, we ask them to ensure that, as far as possible, they are using locally produced, seasonal food.  This limits the air miles associated with food brought in unnecessarily from other countries.


  • The Cycle+ scheme allows staff to purchase a bicycle and safety equipment, and receive National Insurance and Income Tax discounts through a salary sacrifice scheme.
  • You can view information on the University's car-sharing scheme at
  • The University has an interest-free loan scheme for staff to buy bus or rail passes.
  • Please take a look at the University’s Sustainable Travel website for details of how to access the University by public transport, walking or cycling:


  • Staff are encouraged, to switch off lights if they are the last to leave a room, and to turn off appliances at the socket at the end of the working day and turn off any printers, chargers, etc during the day if they are not in use.