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Display At Your Own Risk

Display at your own risk

On 26 April 2016, an open source exhibition experiment – Display At Your Own Risk – will be made available online to mark World Intellectual Property Day 2016, the theme of which is ‘Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined’.

Organised by Ronan Deazley and Andrea Wallace, Display At Your Own Risk is an innovative, research-led exhibition event concerned with how we access and use our shared digital cultural heritage.

The exhibition celebrates the extraordinary efforts of museums, galleries and archives of international repute in making their collections available online. At the same time, it explores the risks and challenges involved in making this digital cultural heritage available to all. When a cultural institution creates a digital surrogate of an object from its collection, does the digital surrogate attract copyright protection in its own right? Should museums, galleries and archives regard these digital surrogates as new and independent assets? What does access and user engagement mean in an age where digital collections are becoming increasingly relevant? And how should institutions attempt to regulate user interaction with their digital collections, if at all?

The open source exhibition features 100 digital surrogates curated from the online collections of internationally-renowned institutions around the world. It invites users around the world to enjoy, engage and forge new relationships with these wonderful works, whether simply by viewing them online, printing them out for personal enjoyment or study, using them to create new digital works of art, or by curating their own exhibition.

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If you enjoy or make use of the exhibition in some way, please share your comments or work with us by tagging it on Twitter and Facebook as #myDAYOR

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Please cite this online resource as: Andrea Wallace and Ronan Deazley, Display At Your Own Risk, 2016.