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As a crucial part of shaping future career choices, the modules that students choose to study in the third year of their law degree are very important. A range of factors influence these choices. One of these may be gendered perceptions about the particular subject or area of law in question – that this kind of area is ‘more suitable’ for students of a particular gender.

In this series of podcasts we help students make informed choices about their module selection by dispelling some of the gendered myths about law, providing further information on why students should study particular modules and the opportunities which they offer.

In the first two podcasts current third year law student, and QUB Law Society President, Alana Hughes talks with Brendan Devlin and Seamus Mulholland, two barristers practicing in the area of family law. In these podcasts we learn about why and how Brendan and Seamus came to practice in this area, what they find stimulating about family law and what they think about the gendered myths surrounding its practice.

In the third podcast, Alana talks with Niamh Hargan of SmithDehn LLP about her career in Intellectual Property Law. A former QUB Law student, Niamh discusses her career path and what is exciting about this rapidly growing area of law for men and women.

These podcasts were recorded as part of the School of Law’s Athena SWAN initiative, aiming to enhance gender equality across all areas of teaching and research in our School.

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Release Dates

Student Focus Episode 1 - 26th March 2018
Student Focus Episode 2 - 2nd April 2018
Student Focus Episode 3 - 9th April 2018

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