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New Juris Doctor Association

JD Association Executive Board

The Juris Doctor Association is a newly formed club, created by a pair of 2nd year JD students, Jonathan Toma and Grace O’Malley. The Juris Doctor program itself is still in its infancy, with a unique mandate compared to any other law degree in the world. With a small cohort, and comprised entirely of international students, those in the JD program are being taught at a doctoral level by members of the highly regarded Law School staff at Queen's.

However, due to the unique nature of the JD program and the makeup of the students, there are unique issues and challenges that they face. With many of the students in the program aspiring to pursue international corporate commercial legal practice, it was determined that there was a need to better prepare the students for the process of applying to work in this field. With a desire to gain hands on experience in the legal field, the JD Association will aim to prepare all of those in the Juris Doctor program for either legal practice or a future in legal academia through a series of information sessions, tutorials and seminars.

The executive board of the JD Association is made up of both 1st and 2nd year JD students, with an aim to build a strong foundation this year on which future cohorts can continue to work with in future years.  The first order of business that the JD Association will tend to is a series of information sessions with students and staff from the Juris Doctor program, with an aim towards conducting more in-depth and instructive sessions in weeks to come.