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StreetLaw: upcoming workshop on the law regarding the use of smartphones

Streetlaw is a project which aims at educating the community on legal issues.

The workshops are researched and facilitated by supervised undergraduate law students. Our goal is to provide legal information in an interactive, fun, accessible and informative way.

This year the target audience is secondary schools, and the theme of the workshop is on the law regarding the use of smartphones. The workshop will take place in the Moot Court at the School of Law on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, from 11am-2pm. 

Participating school pupils will benefit from opportunities to develop soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Furthermore, the event allows participating pupils to consider what it would be like studying law at Queen’s.

Nkem Itanyi, a PhD research student, is the Streetlaw coordinator here photographed with some members of the 2019 Streetlaw project team: Cara, Kimberly, Josee, Hooi Cheng, Jordan, Carla and Harry.