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Nkemdilim Itanyi

 "Sanctions for Copyright Infingement in Relation to the Film Industry in Developing Economies: Nigeria as a Case Study"

Nkem’s research is on copyright infringement in the film industry in Nigeria.  An industry popularly referred to as Nollywood and regarded as the world’s second-largest film industry regarding films produced.
She seeks to examine how the Nigerian copyright law can support the film industry as the flagship of its copyright industry. She will research on the issue of piracy in the industry and examine its indirect positive impact and the role it has played in bringing the industry to its present global standing. She seeks to explore and answer questions on whether the issue of piracy is indeed a “problem” in the industry and if answered in the affirmative, she will research on how piracy can be tackled.
Issues of enforcement of the law against piracy will be addressed. She will explore the more effective means by which enforcement can be carried out. She will research how other jurisdictions have successfully tackled the issue of enforcement.
Nkem will also consider what role if any collective administration can play in the film industry in Nigeria which primarily has been classified as an informal one, reasons in part being because of its unofficial modes of distribution.
Nkem’s research interests include Intellectual Property Law and Commercial Law. Currently, on study leave, she is a lecturer employed in the department of Commercial and Corporate Law, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria.



Professor Ronan Deazley


Professor Daithi Mac Sithigh