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Prior to start in higher education by undertaking a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast, Saad worked as a lawyer and an independent legal consultant in both Kuwait and Qatar for several companies and Capital Market Authorities.

When I was at high school I planned to take Mathematics and Science as a degree, however it was whilst I worked along my academic pathway that Law really caught my attention. Thus, after graduating with a Mathematics and Science degree as I went through the standard process of applying to Kuwait University and I ended up getting a place at their School of Law. Law played to my strengths: problem solving and logical thinking.

I hold a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours from the University of Kuwait and a Master’s of Laws (LLM) in International Trade and Commercial Law at Oxford Brookes University, and now taking up my first post at the School of Law – Queen’s University, Belfast as Ph.D researcher.

In the Master’s level I focused on two research topics; entitled ‘’To What Extent is Poor Corporate Governance Considered a Main Reason for the current Global Economic Recession of 2007, 2008?’’ And my final dissertation entitled ‘’Can Shareholders’ Empowerment be Considered an Effective Means to Regulate Corporate Activities? A Comparative and Empirical Analysis between the UK and Delaware in the US’’.

I have been working as Legal Consultant and Business Analyst for more than 45 companies and contributed to a corporate restructuring of legal and financial terms of many companies in Kuwait, with particular focus on the global financial crisis consequences of 2007–2008, which has increased my ability to be a board member of various companies.

My general working and research interest lies in the fields of complexity of corporate law and financial regulation such as: Investment Firms and Regulatory Compliance l Foreign Investors Policies l Securities Law l Finance, Commercial, Company Law l Corporate Governance l Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Law (SMEs) l Banking Law l Entrepreneurs and Startup Regulation l Islamic Finance and Banking Law.


My main research interest lies in the field of modernising and converging foreign investment policies in an emerging market economy: A comparative and empirical Analysis.

The foreign investor restrictions regarding some emerging markets and companies, notwithstanding efforts to attract more investment to the region, have invited several questions as ones contributing to the necessary research framework. Thus, it has placed an emphasis on creating a new legal framework for regulating commercial activities which is oriented towards liberalization and relaxation of stringent rules imposed on foreign investors, which provide an effective means through which stock market growth in some emerging market economies can be enhanced. However, it is apparent that some developed counties’ regulations in regards to foreign investors have not prevented their financial services during different economic crisis. Therefore, the effect of converging foreign investment policies of developed countries to the emerging market regulations theoretical is not evident. Thus, this effectiveness on the stock market growth of the jurisdictions proposed need to be theoretically and empirically assessed as an aim of my research.

My research shall provide a comparative analysis with an empirical study of the current regulations applicable to foreign investors in some emerging markets’ companies with foreign investors in developed countries companies.

It is contended that a distinct contributions to knowledge will be made in this research; it will make a contribution to the existing knowledge by assessing whether the laws relating to foreign investors in some emerging markets are adversely impacting the stock market growth.


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