QUB Academics at the SLSA Annual Conference


This year’s Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference was hosted by the University of Bristol, on 27-29 March.

The field of socio-legal studies sits at the intersection of law, social science and the humanities and is a rich site for academic research. Since the 1990s, the SLSA Annual Conference has grown into an important forum for the discussion and dissemination of socio-legal theory and practice across a diverse range of topics.

Academics from the School of Law at Queen’s delivered key papers across a wide range of themes. These included:

  • Apologies and the Past:  Professor Kieran McEvoy, Professor Anne-Marie McAlinden and Dr Anna Bryson delivered a panel which investigated apologies in relation to both historic sexual abuse and dealing with the past.
  • From Authority to Reiteration: The Dual Performativity of International Human Rights Law: a joint paper delivered by Dr Katherine McNeilly and Dr Alice Panepinto
  • Accelerated Inscrutability: Algorithmic Risk assessment, Contestation and Legal Vacuums: delivered by QUB PhD candidate, Adam Harkens
  • Reflections on Morality: Corporate Obligations under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights: delivered by Dr Ciara Hackett
  • Towards a General Theory of Affective Law: Dr John Stannard’s reflections on the role of emotion within the law.
  • Conceptualizing the Harm in Rape in Conflict and Peace: A New Typology: presented by Dr Eithne Dowds
  • Devolution and Post-Brexit UK Trade Agreements: presented by Dr Billy Melo Araujo.
  • Embracing and Nurturing the Free Market: Lessons from Poland: delivered jointly by QUB’s Dr Marek Martyniszyn from QUB and Dr. Maciej Bernett from the University of Warsaw.
  • The New Vagrancy Laws of England and Wales: the New Liberal Governance of Homeless is Public Space: a paper given by Dr Kevin Brown.
  • Most of us enjoy a good party: Acid House and the Home Office: delivered by Professor Daith Mac Sithigh.

Also attending was Dr Kathryn McNeilly whose book Human Rights and Radical Social Transformation: Futurity, Alterity, Power (Routledge, 2017) was shortlisted for this year's Hart-SLSA Early Career Book Prize.

The SLSA Annual Conference 2019 will take place at Leeds University in April and a SLSA sponsored seminar ‘The Times and Temporality of Human Rights Law’ will take place here in the School of Law at Queen’s on 2 July 2018.

Abstracts are available here



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