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Sustainable Food Production Workshop Thursday November 29th – Friday November 30th, 2018

Food poverty is a global challenge. Growing populations, famine in range of countries and major concerns arising closer to home. Food production is relevant to much more than abating hunger or nutritional needs. Its multifunctional nature means that it also impacts upon broader societal concerns, the economy and can impact heavily on the environment.

Understanding and addressing the challenge of sustainable food production is a significant part of addressing this complex dilemma. A host of leading academics and stakeholders are meeting this week to discuss many of the issues arising from the challenge. Building on earlier work, this collaboration between QUB School of Law and the School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University, this interdisciplinary workshop will consider the future of food production in our societies, focusing on the themes of conflicting rights; interconnected supply chains; and trade and environmental protection.

With keynote addresses from Emeritus Professor of Law, Thomas Cottier from the World Trade Institute at the University of Bern and Vicki Hird, Campaign Coordinator at Sustain, this workshop promises to be a fruitful and necessary engagement on the challenging us to re-think our approach to food production.