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Elle McMaster - LLB Law & Languages

How are you enjoying your current degree programme? What are the challenges and opportunities of studying Law alongside Hispanic Studies?                                                                                        
I am really enjoying my degree at Queens as it is both challenging but rewarding. Both my Law and Spanish classes are very different which makes the degree more interesting and enjoyable. Both elements of the Law with Hispanic Studies degree are equally challenging in their own way. There is definitely a lot of reading to do each week and a lot of independent study required considering we don’t have that many hours of class per week which makes it challenging to organise your time. However, the opportunity to spend a year abroad as part of this degree is fantastic and I can’t wait to jet off to Spain and improve my fluency in the language.

Can you tell us about how you developed an interest in rowing and about the opportunities to pursue this interest as a student at QUB?

 I joined the rowing club during freshers week of my first year here at Queens as a complete novice to the sport and it was the best decision. It is such a great way to meet new friends, take part in a competitive sport and stay active. I have had the opportunity to compete across the UK and Ireland which is such an exciting experience. I would encourage anyone embarking on their studies at Queens to consider joining the rowing club, whether you have or have never rowed before, there is a place for everyone in the squad. 

Can you tell us about your training regime and how you balance this with your degree commitments? Have you found rowing has helped you in your degree, and if so, how?

My training programme consists of around 12 sessions a week, training most mornings and evenings before and after class. It consists of a mixture of weights, ergs and water sessions to develop our strength, fitness and water technique. It can be tough balancing an intense amount of training with my studies, however, it forces me to manage my time more effectively and I definitely have found it keeps me more focused and on track. I am lucky that my timetable doesn’t consist of 9-5’s every day and in that respect, I think Law is a great degree to do alongside rowing as you do have more time to take part in extra-curricular activities.

Are you currently pursuing any career ideas?

At the end of my degree, I hope to secure a training contract and go on to practice Law. My current interest lies within the commercial and corporate area and I hope to pursue a career in this field.

Do you think rowing alongside your degree will have a positive impact on employability opportunities in the future?

Definitely. This sport develops a wide range of skills which shape and prepare for your future career.   I don’t think there is another sport that teaches you the importance of team work quite like rowing. It is a sport which pushes you to your physical and mental limits and develops a trust with the other girls in the boat to lift you up and push you across the finish line when you need it most. 

It teaches you the importance of commitment, dedication, hard work and determination as you train as a squad, striving for that common goal of winning medals. 

If you had any advice to give to a prospective student thinking about studying Law at QUB, what advice would you give them?

Law at Queens is a great degree path to follow and I would encourage anyone who is interested in studying Law to consider the options offered here. I would encourage you all to get involved in as many extra-curricular activities as you can during your degree as it allows you to meet loads of new people as well as developing skills which look great on the CV. Make your degree more than just lectures and reading.