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Chantelle Kuilderd

Chantelle Kuilderd

Since coming to QUB, I have found the learning environment and student community thriving. Everyone is so kind and friendly, and there is a real sense of support for students. The professors and lecturers are always available and you know that you have someone to turn to for help. We recently moved into the new Law School building and the facilities are honestly top notch. The JD students have our own dedicated study spaces which has helped immensely with focusing on dissertations and training contract applications. There are dedicated spaces as well for mooting, seminars, and networking so it definitely shows that the building was purposely built for law students.

We are constantly given opportunities to participate in activities locally and internationally. In my first year, I started the QUB Alternative Dispute Resolution Society along with fellow JD students, and the society is still strong today. We have represented the law school on many competitions, recently winning first place in Athens INADR 2016. The law school moreover facilitated a Citi Financial Legal Services programme where I learned about banking law from legal advisors at the bank itself. Furthermore, I was privileged to lead a group of QUB students in the Allen & Overy World Universities Comparative Law Project which was published recently. QUB was chosen to participate because it is considered the most renowned in this jurisdiction so it gave us the chance to share views on Northern Irish law to a global think tank.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted to go on exchange to EBS in Germany to study EU Business Law the summer after my first year. It was intense to learn the various legal issues in the financial sector in such a short time, but the experience was invaluable. We visited the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg, and the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. There were students from the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Australia, and China just to name a few, so it was a truly international community. Apart from studying the substantive law, we learned about different cultures and how the EU created this larger European identity.

I went on the London Law Tour with the Law School and Careers Guidance Centre which helped me appreciate what kind of law I wanted to work in, and thus motivated me to apply for internships around the world. While in the JD, I interned at A&L Goodbody in Belfast, S.K. Lam, Alfred Chan & Co. in Hong Kong, did a vacation scheme at Clyde & Co. in London, and did a mini-pupillage for a barrister in Northern Ireland.

Now in my third year, I am taking LLM modules – specifically International Business Transactions, Issues in Corporate Governance, and International Comparative and Competition Law. I hope to work in commercial law post-graduation so I chose to focus on the business law modules offered to us. My professors are experts in their respective fields so we know that we are privileged to get this level of education. We have to write a dissertation as well, and I am fortunate to have a great supervisor who makes time for my questions and tries to make the process the least arduous.

This degree is international in nature so it has prepared me for the bar course whether here or overseas. QUB has instilled the belief that we can achieve whatever we desire as long as we put in the effort. The JD programme gave me the confidence to work for my dream and I can definitely see it in fruition.

Chantelle Kuilderd

JD – Class of 2017