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LLM Human Rights

The protection of human rights at the international level is a relatively new branch of law. Since World War Two there has been a huge growth in the number and variety of human rights standards set out in international treaties and in other so-called ‘soft law’ documents. The problem is that these standards are not always fully implemented and the international mechanisms for trying to get them implemented are defective. This LLM provide students with an opportunity to gain an in-depth appreciation of what has gone right and what has gone wrong and to suggest ways in which human rights could be protected more effectively so that human beings everywhere can realise their full potential.

This Masters is designed to help you appreciate the difficulties associated with developing a human rights approach to the solution of problems, especially problems facing a conflicted society. Capitalising on the high level of expertise amongst School of Law staff, it provides students with an intellectually stimulating suite of modules which will collectively empower students to engage with human rights language at a sophisticated and effective level.



International Human Rights Law
Develops an awareness of the variety of global, regional and national human rights regimes, particularly their effectiveness in protecting human rights.

Human Rights in Practice
Examines the various rights-based strategies which human rights actors adopt and the methodologies they use to do so effectively, ethically and with appropriate levels of participation.

Plus one of the following:


Transitional Justice

Aims to introduce students to the key questions on the relationships between international law, justice and the transition from conflict in the 21st century through an exploration of law, criminological and social theory and case studies.


Equality and Discrimination
Considers the range of legal principles and mechanisms which aim to promote quality and prevent discrimination on improper grounds, including affirmative action.


Spring (choice of 2)

Business and Human Rights

Explores work on business and human rights and corporate citizenship, specifically with regard to global corporations and global supply chains.

Analyses a range of challenges arising in counter terrorist activity, such as which if any human rights can be ‘qualified’ in that context and what ‘special’ measures might be justified.

Comparative Human Rights

Analyses and compares the world’s three main regional systems for the protection of human rights – those of Europe, Africa and the Americas. Its focus will be on what is distinctive, innovative and/or topical about each of the regional systems.


Climate, Justice and Human Rights

Aims to provide students with a critical understanding of the implications of climate change for law and human rights.


Students will also complete methodology mini-modules:

Theories of Human Rights
Approaches to Legal Research


A specialised project in an area of your choosing.

The LLM was such a great experience, I really enjoyed my time at Queen's. I have just started an internship with the UN World Food Programme in NYC, and I know that the LLM was instrumental in preparing me for this opportunity.  Angela Wu
LLM Human Rights

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