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LLB Common and Civil Law with French or Hispanic Studies

At QUB, we offer two joint honours degrees that focus on Law and Languages – Law and Hispanic Studies, and Law and French.  Students who enroll on these programmes, study the key components necessary for a Qualifying Law Degree in addition to their language modules.  These students spend one year (between their second and final year) studying in a University abroad (either France or Spain depending on their degree pathway).

In addition to the knowledge acquired through this degree, and indeed in the fine-tuning of their particular language choice, students on this degree pathway graduate with a wealth of skills suitable for both legal and non-legal professions.  The study of law brings with it the opportunity to develop communication skills as broadly conceived through the requirements of the course (i.e. reading, speaking and writing requirements) and those offered by extra-curricular activities (e.g. Mooting). The study of law advances students’ ability to engage in oral reasoning, something that is furthered still with the focus on critical thinking throughout the degree.  We want our students to be future leaders, to do this, we encourage their viewpoint, we encourage them to place their own ‘stamp’ on their studies and to ensure that regardless of which career path they choose to follow, their skills will be sought after and welcomed by future employers.

By studying a language on top of the law element of the degree, these Joint Honours students further enhance their communication skills, organizational skills and critical engagement.  By spending a year at a partner institution in Europe, their student experience is enhanced with this period of cultural diversity, this opportunity to study in another university and to become immersed in the culture and practice of another country.  This all contributes to their personal development, their skills’ development, their ability to develop in different situations and, in so doing, to become assets of the future global work-force.


The LL.B. (Common and Civil Law with French or Hispanic Studies) degree requires students to complete 18 modules plus one year of study at an approved School of Law in France or Spain in Third Year.  The LL.B. Law with Languages programme can be taken with either French or Hispanic Studies.  In addition to law modules, students will also study the language module(s) required each semester by the School of Modern Languages.

Under present arrangements, this degree requires four years full-time study. Students take 6 modules in each academic year – with 3 modules taken in Semester 1 and 3 modules taken in Semester 2.  The balance of the courses is approximately two-thirds Law and one-third Language. The course is designed to allow students to take all the core modules which are required for a qualifying law degree (QLD) while developing proficiency in their chosen language.

Course Content

Semester 1 of first year begins with an intensive 2 week Induction Programme designed to welcome students to the School; orientate them in terms of their legal studies; highlight key support services for students; and introduce key members of staff – such as the Head of School, the Director of Education, the First Year teaching teams, Advisors of Study and the QUB Careers Advisor for Law.  Students will also receive an immersion into the core structures, concepts and features of the UK’s legal system.

Modules taken each year are as follows:

Year 1

  • Constitutional Law in Context
  • Legal Methods and Skills
  • Rights and Accountability
  • Criminal law
  • French or Spanish Language module

Year 2

  • Equity
  • Land Law
  • European Constitutional Law
  • European Internal Market Law
  • French or Spanish Language module

Year 3

  • A year abroad studying at one of our European partner universities

Year 4

  • Contract
  • Torts
  • Contemporary Issues in Property Law
  • Evidence
  • French or Spanish Language module

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