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Making A Murderer Lawyers at Queen's

On the 27th of September the student-led Law Society at Queen’s hosted a Reception with Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, the Attorneys that represented Steven Avery during his trial documented by the Netflix hit series, ‘Making a Murderer’.

Tickets to the event were allocated on a first come first serve basis and sold out in less than two minutes. Several staff members from the faculty joined students to hear from the distinguished guests, the Attorney General of NI, The Honourable Mrs Justice Keegan and The Honourable Madam Justice McBride.

On the night, time was of the essence as the special guests had commitments elsewhere and could not stay for more than an hour. However as the saying goes, it is quality, not quantity that matters and in the short time that they were at Queen’s they were able to share the determination, commitment and focus they have on working towards justice in this world everyday with the audience. They patiently and thoroughly answered a selection of questions from students. They humbly and honestly spoke about their work as criminal Attorneys in the United States and most importantly, they inspired us.

In the current climate, dreams of a fulfilling career at the criminal bar are shrouded with fears of minimum wage pay, a lack of work and a difficulty to remain motivated. The Reception with Dean Strang and Jerry Buting reminded all of us that seeking justice is not a job, it is a vocation and we should never give up. These Attorneys were at the forefront of a trial of which the verdict is considered by many as a grave injustice. Yet, both men are as steadfast as ever to continue not only to seek justice, but to tour the world to encourage an understanding of the importance of it. All of those in attendance on the night were inspired to join them on this pursuit. Overall the reception was a remarkable experience and provided the perfect dose of encouragement for students at the beginning of a new year of study.
Alana Hughes

Law Society
Queen’s University Belfast