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Dr Alice Panepinto

(International law, Human Rights, Transitional Justice)

Edward W. Said: Orientalism - This book unpacks the concept of ‘Orientalism’ and how stereotypes of ‘The East’ have been developed in ‘The West’. Themes include culture, race, gender, stereotypes and colonialism.

Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé: On Palestine - This book offers insight to the Israel Palestine conflict – a topic that sadly is as topical now as when the book was first published in 2015. Themes include human rights, international law, law of armed conflict, international humanitarian law

Law School further recommends

Susan Abulhawa: Mornings in Jenin - This multigenerational tale of a Palestinian family who are forced out of their home and their land when the State of Israel is formed (1948). Themes include, war crimes, equality, discrimination, society.

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