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Professor Colin Harvey

(Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Migration)

The Belfast Agreement (The Good Friday Agreement) - This historic agreement is highly topical following the breakdown of government in Stormont and also in relation to Brexit. Note the language used throughout the document: a heavy use of words such as ‘rights’ ‘equality’ and ‘support’.

Patricia Williams: The Alchemy of Race and Rights - This book is an autobiographical reflection of the intersections of race, class and gender using critical legal theory as a lens. The author is a law professor and the great-great-granddaughter of a slave and a white southern lawyer. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in culture and society but especially valuable for scholars of the law. Themes include critical legal theory, race, gender, class, equality, human rights, civil rights, wealth, privilege, US Constitution, commerce.

Neil Astley (Editor) Essential Poems from the Staying Alive Trilogy - This book is a collection of poetry relating to ‘staying alive’ and connected themes and is one book in a three volume series. The collection demonstrates the importance of language; how it is used and interpreted – language, of course, is hugely important to lawyers. Themes include grief, death, mortality, acceptance, faith, family, war, hope.

Law School further recommends

Adam Cohen: Imbeciles, The Supreme Court, American Eugenics, and the Sterilization of Carrie Buck - This is a must-read for law students who have an interest in the intersections of law and ethics and morals. This book unpacks the controversial US Supreme Court case of Buck v Bell, 274 US 200 (1927). Themes include, race, discrimination, eugenics, law, policy, ethics.

The Journey is a film based on ‘sworn enemies’ Martin McGuiness and Ian Paisley and their role in securing and maintaining peace in Northern Ireland. Themes include, law, policy, sectarianism.

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