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Professor Daithí Mac Síthigh

(Law and Technology, Media Law, Constitutional and Administrative law)

Switched on pop - This podcast breaks down how popular music works. Themes include gender identity, history of LGBT pop, the role of technology in relation to music, cultural identity and much more. The podcast helps students of law understand how music can be used as a form of political expression as well as analysing cultural issues.

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Explained - is a collaboration between Vox and Netflix (aired on Netflix) and each episode explores wildly different themes. One episode unpacks the global music phenomenon from South Korea known as ‘K-Pop’ and its influences around the world while another episode explores designer DNA and the ethical issues around designing a person’s DNA – a feat that was once the subject of science fiction films such as Gattaca.

For the most topical, relevant and close-to-home discussions then tune into LawPod. This brilliant initiative is run by the Law School at Queens and unpacks a kaleidoscope of social, political, legal and cultural issues on each episode. From discussions on The Good Friday Agreement to exploring digital punishment and social control in the US, this podcast will certainly encourage ‘critical thinking’.

Finally, and staying with the podcast genre, the Blindboy Podcast is essential listening for a comedic slant on the most serious of issues. Themes include philosophy, mental health, human rights, music, society.

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