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Use the studio to develop your advocacy and presentation skills.

The Digital Studio a multi-use digital space for students which includes a one button recording facility and editing facilities.

The high-spec recording studio gives students the facility to record, review, edit and critically analyse their own presence on camera while giving presentations as well as have a video they can use to receive feedback from peers and lecturers.

There are also a range of other uses envisaged for the studio, including the recording of audio podcasts, recording of client council negotiations and staff pieces to camera as well as potential pedagogical uses such as single presentations or group presentations that can be used for assessment.

How it works

To utilise the recording facilities students will enter, close the exterior door and pull the backdrop curtain. Placing a pendrive into the control panel on the wall which triggers the lights to automatically come on along with a TV monitor that is built into the wall. Students can then step back and use the camera controls to frame their shot. To start recording they simply press record.

The session is recorded to the pendrive and on completion they press stop and wait for the data to finish writing to the drive. They can then remove the drive and exit the studio and use one of the iMacs to review and trim their recorded presentation.

The studio is a bookable room that can be booked for 30 minute sessions through Shared Student Resources.

Pendrives can be purchased from the School of Law reception for £5.00

Guide to Studio Operation

Guide to Studio Editing