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LAWPOD is a weekly podcast that provides a platform to explore law and legal research in an engaging and scholarly way. It provides reflective commentary on current events, insights into the current research being conducted within the school, and a forum for staff and students to share ideas and learn from each other. Staff and students collaborate in its creation, with students taking the leading roles.

Programme Streams

1) The 'Current Affairs' Stream – in which staff and students discuss current events

2) The 'Meet the Scholar' Stream – in which a student interviews a staff member of research student about their research

3) Bonus segments, such as interviews with visiting academics and recordings of law school events

4) The 'Student Focus' stream - staff and students explore law related concepts.


You can find the published output of the podcast in these locations


Get involved

There are opportunities for staff and students to undertake a number of roles in the project;
Programme development, Researcher, Interviewer, Publicity & Marketing, Production and more.

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