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 Tea, coffee and light breakfast, Edgar Graham Room, QUB School of Law: 9am-9.30am

PANEL 1: From Human Rights Pasts to Human Rights Futures (Moot Court - 9.30am-11am)

Chair - Kathryn McNeilly (QUB)

Illan Wall (University of Warwick): "Which Past Demands a Future?"

Bal Sokhi-Bulley (University of Sussex): "Possible Futures: Rethinking Rights as Friendship"

Paul O'Connell (SOAS): "Human Rights Futures" 


PANEL 2: Time, Temporality and International Human Rights Law (Moot Court - 11.15am-12.45pm)

Chair - Kay Lalor (Manchester Metropolitan University)

Mark Hanna (QUB): "Legal Distinctions and the Temporal Dimensions of Human Rights"

Kathryn McNeilly (QUB): "International Human Rights and the Untimely

Ben Warwick (University of Birmingham):Time as the “Tell” of International Human Rights Law


PANEL 3: Human Rights in Unknown Times and Spaces (Moot Court - 1.15pm-2.45pm)

Chair - Mark Hanna (QUB)

Birgit Schippers (QUB): Predicting the Future: Relationality, the Computational Turn and Human Rights

Lucy Finchett-Maddock (University of Sussex): "Discrepancies in Space and Time - Private Limitations on the Right to Housing and Right to Protest in Human Rights Frameworks"

Tristan Sturm (QUB): “God’s Just Gaza War”


KEYNOTE (3pm-4pm)

Samuel Moyn (Yale): Response and Reflections

Wine reception, Edgar Graham Room, QUB School of Law: 4pm-5pm