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CTAMOP Researchers secure funding success

Grants to bring in over £1.7 million over next five years

Ramsbottom and Ballance posing in front of a scientific poster

Researchers in the Centre for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (CTAMOP) have enjoyed a triple success in grant funding in the last month.

Connor Ballance and Cathy Ramsbottom (pictured) were part of the Consolidated Grant joint with the Astrophysics Research Centre which has been funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Connor was also a named collaborator with Andrew Brown and Hugo van der Hart on a successful bid for funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council for code development and research into the relativistic spin-orbit effect in ultrafast, strong-field processes.

Finally the Quantum Technology group (QTeQ), was awarded a major grant from the joint Department for Education/Science Foundation Ireland Investigators programme. The project, "QuNaNet", will bring together QTeQ, the Tyndall Institute (Cork, RoI), and the group of Dr. Myriam Arredondo in the Centre for Nanostructured Media (QUB). Mauro Paternostro of CTAMOP will lead the Northern Irish efforts to characterise novel solid-state sources of quantum correlated light and design new protocols for exploiting these for quantum communication.

In total, the three grants will bring more than £1.7M to Queen's for work lasting until 2022, and will fund three post-doctoral researchers and at least one PhD student.