Professor Jorge Kohanoff goes ‘Behind the Science’


NVTV interview with ASC Director of Research

Professor Jorge Kohanoff, Director of Research in the Atomistic Simulation Centre, was recently interviewed for the NVTV ‘Behind the Science’ series.

Prof Kohanoff began by setting out the concept of ‘simulation’, acting, as it does, as a bridge between theoretical and experimental realms.

“When the system that you are studying becomes sufficiently complicated”, Prof Kohanoff explained, “you hit a wall in what you can do analytically with pen and paper. So what people tend to do in those situations is try to solve the problem in a computer, not just doing a few calculations but by simulating what happens in the system that you are studying”.

Prof Kohanoff went on to cover matters such as the physics of nanobubbles, advanced forms of radiation therapy, nuclear power, space travel and more – even including the concept of ‘fake news’!

The video in full can be accessed through this link.


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