School of Mathematics and Physics

Physics Work Experience

Physics Work Experience for the Academic Year 2016-17

Department of Physics and Astronomy
School of Mathematics and Physics
Queen's University Belfast

Registration for 2016-17 is now closed. We hope to offer work experence for 2017-18 sometime after Easter 2018. Details will appear on this web page if this goes ahead.

We offer the opportunity for AS level students to experience physics beyond A/AS level, to meet current physics staff and students at Queen's, and to see the Physics and Astronomy Department and Queen's University Campus.  These days are offered for AS level students (lower sixth form) who are interested in physics, careers in physics and/or studying physics at university.  Students MUST be studying both mathematics and physics at AS-level to be considered.

Each day of work experience will start at 9.30am and end by 4.30pm. The theme will be the diverse and fascinating world of light and how we use it, from lasers and astrophysics. There will be an introductory lecture followed by stimulating talks from academic member of staffs related to current research in physics. Lunch will be provided, hosted by current Queen’s physics students to share their experience. After lunch there will be a practical session where the students will carry out spectroscopic investigations and experiments with light and lasers. In parallel to the practical session, tours of the state-of-the-art laboratories in the department will take place.

AS level students visiting for work experience will be Employers Liability certificate.