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Maths and Physics

Research Opportunities                  


  • Nanomaterials and electron microscopy research

  • Transmission electron microscopy In-situ studies of ferroelectric domains

  • High-resolution quantitative techniques

Dr Miryam Arredondo-Arechavala
  • The interface between fundamental atomic physics and astrophysics.

  • Candidates should be also interested in taking first principle fundamental research through to application.

  • High performance computing is a significant component of the work. 

Dr Connor Ballance
  • Stable homotopy theory and homotopical algebra

Dr David Barnes
  • Advanced schemes for ion- acceleration using lasers

  • Particle radiography of ultrafast plasma phenomena

  • Generation and propagation of collisionless shocks in tenuous plasmas

  • Radiobiology and dosimetry of laser-accelerated ions

Professor Marco Borghesi
  • Plasmonic and magnetic materials

  • Novel plasmonic materials for applications

  • Artificial and structured magnetic thin films and multilayers

Professor Robert Bowman
  • Quantum technologies and quantum thermodynamics

  • Quantum correlations and nonlocality for many-body systems

  • Quantum thermal machines and refrigerators

Dr Gabriele De Chiara
  • Theoretical laser-molecule interactions and the simulation of dynamical transport in nanostructures
Dr Daniel Dundas
  • Plasmas and electron attachment

  • Development of a new electron attachment spectrometer for environmental monitoring

  • Plasmas in conducting and insulating liquids

  • Development of new atmospheric pressure plasma source for medical applications

Dr Thomas Field
  • Cometary and asteroid observational research

  • Spectroscopy of cometary bodies

  • Spectroscopy and photometry of asteroidal objects

Professor Alan Fitzsimmons
  • Ferroelectric and multiferroic domains and domain walls
Professor Marty Gregg
  • Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics/Attosecond Science

  • Chiral Analysis with Femtosecond Lasers

Dr Jason Greenwood
  • Solar physics and cool star research

  • Positron interactions with atoms and molecules

  • Quantum chaos in many-electron atoms and multicharged ions

Dr Gleb Gribakin
  • The development and applications of first-principles approaches to electronic and optical properties of materials

Dr Myrta Gruning
  • Nanophotonics of two-dimensional materials

  • Superresolution optical focusing and imaging in the far field

Dr Fumin Huang
  • Homological algebra

  • K-theory and graded algebra

  • Concrete projects are advertised regularly on the departmental web pages:

Dr Thomas Huettemann
  • Solar physics research

  • Spectro-polarimetry and inversions of powerfully magnetic sunspot atmospheres; and

  • Tracking the generation, propagation and dissipation of MHD wave modes as they traverse the dynamic atmospheric layers of the Sun

Dr David Jess
  • High intensity laser driven ion and neutron sources

Dr Satyabrata Kar
  • Operator Algebras

  • Abstract Harmonic Analysis and Linear Preservers

  • Current available projects would be posted here

Dr Ying-Fen Lin
  • Analysis

  • Algebra

  • Topology

Dr Martin Mathieu
  • Solar physics and cool star research

  • Spectropolarimetry of small-scale structures in the solar atmosphere

  • Radiative hydrodynamic simulations of solar and stellar flares

Professor Michail Mathioudakis
  • Nanoscale ferroelectric/ferroelastic materials

  • Generation and control of functionally active domain walls in electronic device formats

  • Fundamental studies of heat flow manipulation using domain walls

Dr Raymond McQuaid
  • Quantum optics

  • Quantum information

  • Quantum technologies

Professor Mauro Paternostro
  • Pure and applied mathematics

  • Number Theory, in particular irregularities of distribution of sequences

  • Geometry and Computational Topology, in particular applications of persistent homology to questions in stochastic geometry

Dr Florian Pausinger
  • Atomic data generation for use in astrophysics, plasma physics and fusion

  • Atomic data for the lowly ionised Fe-peak elements

  • Heavy species relevant for fusion research applications

Dr Catherine Ramsbottom
  • Fast electron propagation in laser-plasmas

  • Atmospheric plasma jets

  • Laboratory astrophysics

Profesor David Riley
  • Laser and plasma physics

  • Particle acceleration and applications

  • Laboratory astrophysics

  • High-field quantum electrodynamics both from an experimental and theoretical point of view

Dr Gianluca Sarri
  • Perator theory

  • Linear dynamics

  • Subjects related to algebras given by generators and relations

Dr Stanislav Shkarin
  • Spectral properties of Schrödinger operators with complex potentials

  • Edge states in graphene structures

  • Damped and singular systems in mathematical physics

Dr Petr Siegl
  • Numerical radiative transfer / spectral modelling for astrophysical explosions and outflows

  • Current particular interests include:

  • Multi-D radiative transfer for supernova explosion models

  • Radiative transfer for outflows from accreting systems

Dr Stuart Sim
  • Supernovae physics, kilonovae and developing models for lightcurves and spectra

  • Massive data processing and machine learning

  • Supernovae: observations and models of exotic transients

  • Machine learning and image recognition algorithms

  • Surveying the sky in the time domain – the new era

Professor Stephen Smartt
  • Applications from self-funded students interested in numerical modelling of metallic and magnetic nanoparticles for medical application (hyperthermia) are welcome

  • Additional funding may be also available

Dr Lorenzo Stella
  • Operator Algebras

  • Abstract Harmonic Analysis

  • Zero-error Quantum Information Theory

Professor Ivan Todorov
  • The theory and simulation of transport in nanostructures and non-adiabatic electron-nuclear dynamics in non-equilibrium systems
Dr Tchavdar Todorov
  • Molecular dynamics and rare events sampling

  • Using dimensionality reduction to understand trajectory data

  • Development of CVs for studying order disorder transitions

Dr Gareth A Tribello
  • Stellar astrophysics and exoplanet research

  • Probing exoplanet atmospheres

  • Mitigating astrophysical noise: Towards the confirmation of Earth-2.0

Dr. Christopher Watson
  • Coherent XUV/soft X-ray generation from laser interactions and their applications

  • Experimental and/or simulation based projects are possible

Dr Mark Yeung