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Dr Barne's studies algebraic topology, specifically stable homotopy theory, usually with an equivariant or monoidal flavour. The method of algebraic topology is to assign algebraic objects (such as vector spaces) to topological shapes in a manner that is invariant under homotopy. When these shapes are chosen to have some group of symmetries, the vector spaces assigned to them become representations of the symmetry group. Thus his interests include stable homotopy theory, homotopical algebra, model categories and equivarianthomotopy theory.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of 

  • Stable homotopy theory and homotopical algebra



Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Mathematics and Physics


Research students

PhD title: Rational G-equivariantcohomology theories for profinite G

Name: Danny Sugrue
Years of Study: 2015 - 2018

PhD title: Optimization of motion control in rotational moulding

Name: Niall Taggart
Years of Study: 2016 - 2019

PhD title: Unitary Homotopy Calculus

Name: Jonathan Adams
Years of Study: 2017 - 2020

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