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Dr Sim’s research interests lie in the numerical modelling of radiation transport and spectral synthesis. His studies have included applications to stellar chromospheres/coronae, hot star winds, outflows from accreting systems, and supernovae.

Currently, the focus of his work is in the development and testing of theoretical models for thermonuclear supernova explosions. In particular, he develops Monte Carlo radiative transfer simulations that allow synthetic light curves, spectra and spectropolarimetry to be computed and used to interpret observational data and constrain explosion theories.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of 

  • Numerical radiative transfer / spectral modelling for astrophysical explosions and outflows
  • Current particular interests include:
  • Multi-D radiative transfer for supernova explosion models
  • Radiative transfer for outflows from accreting systems
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Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Mathematics and Pyhsics 

Research students

PhD title: Modelling helium in thermonuclear supernova explosions

Name: Christine Collins
Years of Study: 2017 - 2020
Country: Northern Ireland

PhD title: Modelling polarisation for accretion disk winds

Name: Mandy Hewitt
Years of Study: 2017 - 2020
Country: Northern Ireland


PhD title: Unravelling the nature of hydrogen-poor thermonuclear supernovae

Name: Mark Magee
Years of Study: 2014 - 2018
Country: Northern Ireland

Alumni: where are they now?

Mattia Bulla

PhD title: Polarisation Spectral Synthesis For Type Ia Supernova Explosion Models

Years of Study: 2013 - 2016
Country: Italy
Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Stockholm 


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