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Dr Field investigates electron molecule collisions on the sub-nanometer molecular scale with experiments and quantum mechanical theoretical calculations. He also works at the macroscopic scale on plasmas in liquids and gases as atmospheric pressure. This work has led to pure and applied research projects such as; investigation of possible mechanisms for the formation of negative ions in space and collaborations with companies related to development of monitoring tools for plasmas and other applications.

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Open to PhD applications in the field of 

  • Plasmas and electron attachment
  • Development of a new electron attachment spectrometer for environmental monitoring
  • Plasmas in conducting and insulating liquids
  • Development of new atmospheric pressure plasma source for medical applications


  • Helps coordinate outreach activities in School of Maths and Physics including work experience placements
    and open days for people considering studying physics at university.


Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

School of Mathematics and Pyhsics

Research students

Recent PhD projects have focused on formation of negative ions by electron impact and plasmas in liquids.

Name: Various
Years of Study: Various
Country: Research students in this group have come from UK, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Greece and Bangladesh





Alumni: where are they now?

Past PhD students

PhD title: Various

Years of Study: Various
Country: Various
Current position: Past PhD students working with Seagate Technologies Ltd (computer hard disk manufacturer)Impedans (plasma instrumentation company), Kurt J Lesker (vacuum instrumentation company) and as consultant scientist in Civil Service.


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