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We recognise that some students may have to work part-time whilst completing their degree. There are a number of good reasons for doing this, as part-time work can help you to:

  • develop valuable employability skills that will impress future employers;
  • gain experience and a greater understanding of the workplace;
  • access and develop networking opportunities;
  • support yourself financially during your studies.


However, the University strongly recommends that students on full-time programmes devote NO MORE THAN 15 HOURS PER WEEK TO PAID EMPLOYMENT.  There is strong evidence to show that significant levels of part-time work can compromise your academic progress and affect degree outcomes.

Please note that International Students may have prohibitions or restrictions on working in the UK. It is very important that you confirm you have a legal right to work and if you do have the right to work, that you don’t exceed the permitted hours.  Further information can be found at:

We do urge you to be sensible about how you manage your study, work and social time to get the best result you can from your degree. If you do have financial pressures that mean you have to work more hours than is advisable, please come and talk to us. Both the Student Income and Finance Department in the Student Guidance Centre and the Students’ Union can give you advice on funds that are available to help students in your position. The Learning Development Service can also offer advice on time management.

Register with the Student Jobshop to access a range of opportunities and fairly paid part-time jobs at