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The External Examiners for the School are :


  • MSc Materials Science for Innovative Engineering    -  Dr S Heutz Imperial College London


  • MSc Data Analytics  -  to be confirmed


As moderators, external examiners should ensure that the assessment system is equitable and is fairly operated in the classification of students. This work should include:

  • approving draft examination papers, ensuring that they accurately reflect the syllabus;
  • considering all other forms of assessment to be used for the module;
  • ensuring that the content of a module accurately reflects the syllabus;
  • ensuring that internal marking is consistent, by seeing a selection of scripts;
  • highlighting examples of major concentration on one or two questions.

As consultants, external examiners should ensure that the degrees awarded by Queen's are comparable in standard with those awarded in other UK or Irish universities, and are consistent with the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education. External Examiners are members of Subject and/or Programme Boards of Examiners. This work should include:

  • reviewing the degree programmes (the sequence and nature of the modules necessary to complete a degree);
  • approving the classification or unclassified result for each student;
  • acting as a critical friend to the department.