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The School has a Staff Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) - a committee of staff and students that discuss and advise on matters of mutual interest. The Committees look for ne or more postgraduate students as representatives from each programme.

Student nominations to this committee are sought in early October and, if necessary, elections are held soon after that. These committees have a few specified tasks - their main purpose is to give students a forum through which to channel complaints or suggestions. However, most such matters can be dealt with more quickly by students (or their SSCC representatives) approaching lecturers (or the appropriate Head of Teaching/Director of Education) as soon as a problem arises, rather than waiting for the next SSCC meeting.

One statutory obligation that we have is to consult the SSCC about any proposed changes to modules and degree programmes, as part of the module and programme review process.

Notices relating to the SSCC will be posted on Sharepoint including requests for items for the agenda of forthcoming meetings, the agenda themselves (so that you have an opportunity to comment on items on it) and draft minutes of meetings that have taken place


You can find more information here