School of Mathematics and Physics

BSc/MSci Transfers

Students who perform sufficiently well may be permitted to transfer from a BSc programme to the corresponding MSci programme at the end of Stage 2. In exceptional circumstances, it may also be possible to transfer at the end of Stage 3 (provided the student has the necessary pre-requisites and completed the compulsory modules), but any student considering such a request should contact the Director of Education at an early stage. Students on an MSci programme are also free to transfer to the corresponding BSc programme. If you are uncertain about your intentions and have sufficiently good entrance qualifications, there is no disadvantage in enrolling as an MSci student in the first instance, and considering a switch to a BSc later.

In order to progress on an MSci programme at the end of Stage 2, your weighted average mark must be at least 55%; likewise, a weighted average of at least 55% is required by the end of Stage 3. Students who are enrolled for an MSci degree but who fail to meet these standards will be transferred to a BSc program.

See Progress & Degree Classifications for how the different Stages are weighted for calculating these averages.