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If you have advised the University about a disability issue on your UCAS application form, you should have been contacted by the University’s Disability Services to discuss any support needs you may have. 

If you have not been contacted by the Disability Services and you want specific needs in relation to your studies to be taken into account, you must register with the Disability Services.

If you are not registered and have a disability, which is restricting your academic studies, please contact Disability Services or your Adviser of Studies or one of the School Disability Advisers:

Dr Raymond McQuaid




Dr Gareth Tribello




If you are experiencing difficulty or are not receiving the support expected or required this can have a detrimental effect on your work. In such cases it is essential that you contact either you Disability Adviser or Disability Services immediately.

Disclosure and self-referral: if a student reveals a disability to a member of staff, legally this represents disclosure to the University as a whole and the member of staff will be obliged to make other relevant staff aware of this information.