School of Mathematics and Physics

Evacuation Procedures


Emergency evacuation procedures are posted in all University buildings.  Locate and read them.  Also locate the nearest Fire Alarm Break Glass Point in the area where you are working.

Fire Alarm:

The fire alarm is a continuously sounding ‘rise and fall’ siren.

Fire Procedures

If you discover a fire:

  • raise the alarm (by breaking the cover of a fire alarm point in the corridor)
  • call Security on (9097) 2222
  • evacuate the building by the nearest safe exit
  • proceed to the designated Assembly Point

If you hear the fire alarm:

  • evacuate the building by the nearest safe exit.
  • proceed to the designated Assembly Point.

In the case of an emergency, do not:

  • run
  • use the lifts
  • collect belongings
  • re-enter the building until you are told it is safe. 


  • familiarise yourself with the escape routes from teaching rooms – which may differ from the standard route to enter the room.
  • pay attention to the safety information given at the start of each term
  • follow all instructions given to you by your lecturer and/or safety officers and/or responsible persons in charge.