School of Mathematics and Physics

Student Support and Development

The Student Handbook is important for identifying the range of support and opportunities available.

Rather than providing extensive information in the Handbook which may be out of date by the time you read it, we include a list of the types of support and opportunities available to you. Details regarding access to the various services  are available on-line, and accessible through the Student Gateway website:

The range of support you may wish to consider are:

•           PDP

•           Accommodation.

•           Careers and Employability

•           Degree Plus

•           Chaplaincy

•           Counselling

•           Students with disabilities

•           Finance

•           Health Centre

•           Learning Development Service

•           Library

•           Queen’s sport (PEC)

•           Scholarships and Prizes

•           Study Abroad/ERASMUS

•           Study support

•           Student Guidance Centre

•           Students’ Union

•           Student Computing Centres

•           International students

•           Postgraduate Centre

•           Postgraduate Funding

•           Languages for Non-Specialists

•           Health and Safety

•           School support mechanisms

•           Qsis and QOL

•           Mature and part-time students

•           Childcare

•           Students Intervention Protocol  

•           Change of address/details

•           Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy

•           Starting University

•           Students with Experience of Care