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The following is a list of all Mathematics modules that can be found within various programmes

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Level 1 Modules

AMA1020- Analysis and Calculus

AMA1021 - Mathematical Modelling

PMA1020 - Numbers Vectors and Matrices

PMA1021 - Mathematical Reasoning

SOR1020 - Introduction to Probability & Statistics

SOR1021 - Introduction to Statistical & Operational Research Methods


Level 2 Modules

AMA2001 - Classical Mechanics (1st semester)

AMA2004 - Numerical Analysis (2nd semester)

AMA2005 - Fluid Mechanics (2nd semester)

AMA2008 - Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (1st Semester)

AMA2014 - Numerical Methods for Finance (2nd semester)


PMA2002 -  Analysis (1st semester)

PMA2008 - Group Theory (2nd semester)

PMA2020 - Linear Algebra and Complex Variables (1st & 2nd semester)

PMA2021 - Graph Theory (1st Semester)


SOR2002 - Statistical Inference (1st semester)

SOR2003 - Methods of Operational Research (2nd semester)

SOR2004 - Linear Models (2nd semester)


Level 3 Modules

AMA3001 - Electromagnetic Theory (1st semester)

AMA3002 - Quantum Theory (1st semester)

AMA3003 - Tensor Field Theory (2nd semester)

AMA3006 - Partial Differential Equations (1st semester)

AMA3007 - Financial Mathematics (2nd semester)

AMA3011 - Applied Mathematics Project (1st or 2nd Semester)

AMA3013 - Calculus of Variations and Hamiltonian Mechanics (2nd semester)

AMA3014 - Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medicine (2nd semester)

AMA3020 - Investigations (2nd semester)

AMA3022 - Team Project: Mathematics with Finance (2nd semester)


PMA3008 - Computer Algebra (1st or 2nd semester)

PMA3012 - Ring Theory (1st semester)

PMA3013 - Mathematical Investigations (2nd semester)

PMA3014 - Set Theory (1st semester)

PMA3017 - Metric and Normed Spaces (2nd semester)

PMA3018 - Algebraic Equations (2nd semester)


SOR3001 - Linear and Dynamic Programming (1st semester)

SOR3008 - Statistical Data Mining (2nd semester)

SOR3012 - Stochastic Processes and Risk (1st semester)


Level 4 Modules

AMA4001 - Advanced Quantum Theory (1st semester)

AMA4003 - Advanced Mathematical Methods (2nd semester)

AMA4004 - Statistical Mechanics (2nd semester)

AMA4005 - Project (full year - double module)

AMA4006 - Practical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (1st semester)

AMA4009 - Information Theory (1st semester)

AMA4021 - Mathematical Methods for Quantum Information Processing (2nd semester)


PMA4001 Project (Full Year)

PMA4002 Functional Analysis (1st semester)

PMA4003 Topology (1st semester)

PMA4004 Integration Theory (2nd semester)

PMA4010 Algebraic Topology (2nd semester)


SOR4001 - Project (full year - double module)

SOR4007 - Survival Analysis (1st semester)


 NOTES: Fuller details on all these modules will be found by choosing the links

  1. A pre-requisite for a module is something that you must have taken before being allowed to enrol for it.
  2. A co-requisite for a module is another module that you must take along with it.