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The following is a list of Physics modules currently available

you can further explore individual modules by clicking the appropriate Module level header

Level 1 Modules

PHY1001 - Foundation Physics

PHY1002 - Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers

PHY1003 - Computational Modelling in Physics

PHY1004 - Scientific Skills


Level 2 Modules

PHY2001 - Quantum and Statistical Physics (1st Semester)

PHY2002 - Physics of the Solid State (2nd semester)

PHY2003 - Astrophysics 1 (1st Semester)

PHY2004 - Electricity, Magnetism & Optics   (2nd semester)

PHY2005 - Atomic and Nuclear Physics  (1st semester)

PHY2006 - Mathematical Physics   (2nd semester)


Level 3 Modules


PHY3001 - Quantum Mechanics & Relativity  (1st semester)

PHY3002 - Advanced Solid State Physics (2nd semester)

PHY3003 - Astrophysics II (2nd semester)

PHY3004 - Advanced Electromagnetism & Optics  (1st semester)

PHY3005 - Nuclear &  Particle Physics (2nd semester)

PHY3006 - Physics in Medicine (1st semester)

PHY3007 - Physics Single Project  (Full Year)

PHY3008 - Professional Skills Programme – (1st & 2nd Semester)

PHY3009 - Computational Projects   (1st semester)

PHY3010 - Physics Projects (Full Year)



Level 4 Modules


PHY4001 - Physics Research Project (1st semester)

PHY4003 - Medical Radiation Devices & Methods (2nd semester)

PHY4004 - Medical Radiation Simulation (2nd semester)

PHY4005 - Planetary Systems (2nd semester)

PHY4006 - High-energy Astrophysics (2nd semester)

PHY4007 - Laser Physics (2nd semester)

PHY4008 - Plasma Physics   (2nd semester)

PHY4009 - Physics of Materials Characterisation  (2nd semester)

PHY4010 - The Physics of Nanomaterials  (2nd semester)

PHY4011 - Ultrafast Science  SUSPENDED FOR 2018/19

PHY4016 - Cosmology   (2nd semester)




A pre-requisite for a module is something, which must be passed before a student will be permitted to register for the module.

A co-requisite for a module is another module that you must take along with it