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The staff within the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering recognise the importance of highlighting industrial/commercial contexts in our students' development. We have a successful history of industrial collaboration, both locally and internationally. As part of our efforts to continue and improve upon this tradition the School is aiming to establish links between its Final year students and leading industrial partners.

Ultimately the aim of the initiative is to demonstrate the quality of our students and create lasting links which will benefit all parties; industry, university and its students.

What the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering expects to facilitate:

  • To give you, the industrial partner, the opportunity to participate in a 30 minute supervision meeting every fortnight in term time, with academic supervisor and student present.
  • To provide a response to questions relating to progress of the work being undertaken in a reasonable time-scale, bearing in mind that responding may require discussion between supervisor and student and this will introduce some delay.
  • To provide a copy of the final report and any artefacts to you, as the industrial partner. In the case of hardware, cost of required components and assembly should be covered by you, the industrial partner.

What you, as the industrial partner, should expect to offer:

  • To commit to at least two project meetings at the University per term. (The recommendation would be weeks 3 and 9 of semester 1 and weeks 2 and 5 of semester 2).
  • Beyond two company visits off-campus per semester by the academic staff or student, travel costs will be covered by the industrial collaborator.
  • To make best efforts to ensure that there is a single regular contact person available to liaise with the project student and academic supervisor (rather than a succession of different staff), and provide timely response to questions.

Further Information and Documentation