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The School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast boasts many inspirational women among its staff and alumni including those listed below. For further information on their background and careers please simply follow the links.

Adelaide Marzano, Engineer/Lecturer, Mech & Aero Eng, Queens University Belfast
Beatrice Smyth, Engineer/Lecturer, Mech & Aero Eng, Queens University Belfast
Cate McCandless, Director & Centre Manager, Schlumberger Oilfield UK
Catherine McCloskey, Lecturer Mechanical Engineering, Dundalk IT
Ciara Tighe, Flammability Engineer, BE Aerospace
Claire Moore, Operational Excellence Manager, Crane Energy Belfast
Danielle Soban, Engineer/Lecturer, Mech & Aero Eng, Queens University Belfast
Denise Price, Research Centre Business Manager, Mech & Aero Eng, Queens University Belfast
Julia McDaid, Technical Director - Kingspan Environmental
Karen Higgins, Engineering Manager, BE Aerospace
Lilian Bland, Pioneer Aviator
Mairi Macdonald, Engineer / Software Engineer, Rescale, San Francisco, USA
Marie Butterfield, Team Manager, Allstate Technology & Operations – PMO
Rachel Canders, Aircraft Stress Engineer, Bombardier Aerospace Belfast
Rochelle O'Hara, Projects Director, SENTINUS
Roisin McConnell, PhD Student, Aerospace Engineering, Mech & Aero Eng, Queens University Belfast
Sinead O'Sullivan, Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology USA
Wendy Patton, Project Engineer, Magnox

If you are a female graduate of the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Queen's and would like to be featured on our list of inspirational women, please forward the following details to

  1. One photo of yourself (preferred) or an image representing your profession or area of interest. Please send a high resolution image, if possible, for best printing
  2. Name (as you would like it on the poster):
  3. Career Background and Current Profession (eg: Engineer, Business Owner, Lecturer, Manager…etc):
  4. Educational Background (Including degree title and year of graduation)
  5. Short Description of Life Role/Profession to date (Up to one paragraph):
  6. Best piece of advice to others or favourite inspirational quote based on your career as an engineer.