Need for SWAN

Through SWAN, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering aims to bring organisational and cultural change to improve the working environment for everyone in our School - staff and students.  The following links lead to reports and news articles providing background information on issues related to the question of why SWAN is important:

BBC: The Engineering Gap

BBC:  What if there were more women in tech?

United Nations:  UN Women launches report spotlighting gender equality in global universities

BBC:  Are Universities secretly sexist?

BBC:  Gender pay Gap:  Trend Shows Women in NI Earn More Than Men.

BBC:  Mothers' Pay Lags Far Behind Men

The Times Higher Education:  University of Essex Hikes Salaries for Female Professors to Eliminate Pay Gap  

BBC - University wipes out gender pay gap with salary hike                                                                

The Guardian:  Why aren't there more women in science?

The Times Higher Education:  Does REF Motivate or Discourage Research Staff?                              

BBC:  Education & Family - Why do women get more university places?

Women, research and universities: excellence without gender bias                                                     

BBC News - Being a Woman in Engineering

Nature - Bibliometrics: Global Gender Disparities in Science                                                               

The Guardian - How to...create a workplace that works for women

The Guardian - Sex Discrimination at Work Hits men Too                                                                   

The Royal Society - A Chemical Imbalance

BBC - Call to Arms Over Sexism in Science                                                                                       

Nature - Women in Science

Nature - Sexist Attitudes:  Most of us are Biased                                                                             

The Guardian - Popular Science Blog is Run by a Woman

The Times Higher Education - Research Intelligence - Gender Bias Hides, Even in Open Minds           

The Guardian - Why Women Leave Academia and Why Universities Should be Worried









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