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The School invests heavily to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, practical and computational facilities to support our educational and research activities.

Learning Environment

Modern facilities for project based learning

Flexible student working spaces, dedicated prototyping capabilities and broad range of experimental capabilities support the student learning experience

School pupil with Baxter robot

Manufacture & Processing

Precision engineering: machining, forming and moulding

The School hosts a broad range of manufacturing capabilities including our Engineering Workshop, thermoforming and polymer moulding technology, and robotic assembly.

Universal testing machine

Materials Characterisation

Understanding novel materials

Our advanced characterisation laboratories enable thermal, mechanical, rheological and microscopic analysis of metallic, polymer and composite materials

Material Characterisation
Structural 7-point bend test machine

Structural Testing

Testing to destruction

High-load capacity equipment for the static and dynamic strength analysis of aerospace, automotive and civil components

Structural Testing
Researchers working with engine equipment

Engine & Emmision Testing

Energy and power generation

An extensive catalogue of automotive test cells and emissions analysers for the complete analysis of engine and fuel systems