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Materials Analysis

A comprehensive range of capabilities to support the thermal, rheological and microscopic analysis of various materials

Researcher working in laboratory

Advanced materials laboratory

Modern materials testing

Supporting teaching and research activities

Some of our materials analysis capabilities include;

Dual Caplillary Rheometer
Thermogravimetric Analyser (TGA)
Oscillatory Rheometer                                                
Standard & Diamond Differential Scanning Calorimeter
Compound Microscope
Friction Tester
Stereo Microscope
Surface Tensiometer
Environmental Conditioning
Particle Size Analyser
Moisture Analyser

Mechanical Characterisation

Capabilities for charcaterising the mechanical properties of metallic, polymer and composite materials

Universal testing machine

Characterisation laboratories

Determining mechanical properties of various material systems

Some of our mechanical charcaterisation capabilities include;

Charpy/Izod/Falling Dart Impact Testers
Instron/LLoyd Universal Testing Machines
Buehler Micro Indentation Hardness Testing System  
DARTEC Static and Fatigue Testing Machine
Vickers Hardness Testing System
SINT Residual Stress Measurement System
Vast array of standardised testing fixtures
Biaxial Polymer Testing Machine

Structural Testing

Strength testing and analysis of larger scale aerospace, automotive and civil structural components

structural testing machines

High Load Test Frames

Static and fatigue analysis

Testing under complex loading, supported by state-of-the-art acquisition systems

Some of our structural testing capabilities include;

500kN / 400kN Bi-axial test machine
300kN Compression Test machine
2 x Dartec 250kN Universal Test Machines
Hounsfield 50kN Universal Test Machine                                           
ARCAN Bi-axial Loading Test Rig
7-Point Bend Test Rig
VIC-3D Non-Contact Full-Field High Frequency Measurement System 
RapidScan Ultrasonic NDT System
Dantec 3D Non-Contact Full-Field Measurement System
Thermography NDT System
National Instruments Strain Measurement System
CrossCheck 2D Laser Profile Measurement System