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Photocall for SMAE Dual Fuel Project.

A project looking at at dual fuel technology aimed at cleaner transport fuels for Ireland is now entering its final stages at Queens.  The CASE, Dual Fuel (DF) Project is being run through the Center for Advanced Sustainable Energy.  The work has focused on the operation of a diesel engine using methane gas over part of its load range. The methane gas is ignited by a small amount of diesel injected in the normal way using only 5% of the normal fuel charge. The DF vehicles can switch back to diesel only operation when needed.  The DF system was conceived as a stop gap system for regions with limited methane gas infrastructure.  Should the gas in the vehicle run out, the system can switch to normal diesel mode until it reaches a gas fuel source.  Several successful vehicle trials have been completed with TG Haulage.  Two vehicles have been used - one using diesel (Clean Air Power Volvo HGV truck), one using DF (spark ignited IVECO HGV truck as per photograph).  Data loggers have collected data during the trials which recorded fuel consumption, cost of operation, fuel savings etc.  QUB has developed a simulation model that can be used to predict cost saving for various vehicles / weights / driving conditions on Dual fuel operation.